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For Farmers Movement

Changing the world of farming one small, independent farmer at a time, one dollar at a time, and one person like YOU at a time.

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Talk Farm To Me Podcast

Sharing farmer stories. What they know, what they do, and how they are changing the world little by little.

Blog & Letters

The blog gives you a series of articles that are thought-provoking and include easy actions that can have a big impact on farmers and your own community.


The weekly "Letter from The Accidental Farm" gives you a story, some info on what's happening now, a weekly recipe, some free gifts & other thoughts as they come to me.

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Local St*ff

I am in the Catskills. Upstate New York. And I am an explorer. I put together this "Farm Girl's Guide to Getting Lost & Found in the Catskills" map and guide. Want one? Email me and I will send you a map. Or just poke around here to peruse the more than 200 hot spots that will lead you to more. xo

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