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Hey! I'm Dana. And since you're here, I need you to know that you're probably already saying it wrong. Not your fault. "My" Dana rhymes with banana. Go ahead and say it... Dana-Banana. Smiling? Me too. Now we can be friends. ;)

Here's how all this started. 


I have a little farm that truly happened by accident. I tell its story in 100 5-minute episodes on The Accidental Farm Podcast, in case you want to get your muck boots dirty. 

The most magical part of this little accident is that by walking a mile in a farmer's boots, I became more interested in farms, farmers' lives and businesses.

I have always loved good food, but that definition has changed for me over the years. I have eggs from my own coop compliments of the chickens I blame for the barn, the goats, the donkeys and even the bees. Chickens can really make you think you can do anything!

Before I had a little farm, I was a corporate executive responsible for building community-facing movements for big companies. You know, giving them a heart and soul to serve up alongside their money-making products.

Now, my dream is to build a movement For Farmers that helps them be seen, understood, supported and more central to the answer to not only the question of "What's for dinner?" but "What can we do to save the earth?" and "What can we do to make our communities more economically viable?" Big hairy ideas. Farmers can help. But first, we need to help farmers. 

I hope you're here for it. I invite you to be part of the solution, to speak up, to share your ideas and to follow along with intention so we can make a difference for farmers and for ourselves.

If I had one request, a personal one, to you, it'd be this. Sign up for the For Farmers list. You'll get information about what it is, how it's working, how you can participate to make a real difference, and what's coming next. 

xoxo, Farm Girl 

PS Yes, the "xoxo, Farm Girl" started as a little cheeky joke inspired by Gossip Girl way back when and it kinda stuck. It's how I sign my newsletter, my IG posts and stuff like that. So, now you know. 

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