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The Talk Farm to Me podcast features our farmers! You can find out what they do and how they do it! But most importantly, I think you are going to find out how much you have in common with them... through conversations about real life and by asking questions.
Currently TF2M has three active seasons!
Season 3 is a Deep Dive on Dairy with many episodes on just one topic.
Season 4 is Strait Talk between me and just one farmer.
And Season 5 is Five LIVE. It takes place initially on Instagram Live with 5 questions, live, for one farmer!  
There are at least 100 ways to get to know a farmer!
The Farm Girl blog has stories, recipes given to me by farmers on the podcast, DIY projects,  information about beekeeping and about getting lost and found (my favorite past time). Come on in and scroll about!
If you like some of the stuff I use on the farm or in Farm Girl Hacks or some of the books our farmers recommend on the podcast, I keep it all well organized here on Amazon where I am an affiliate. I donate any "kickbacks" if you shop through my link, but it's also just a good place to find the stuff I use. 
If you haven't figured it out, I am a project person. The farm, the animals, a garden, bees, a community honey program, a free map with local hotspots, a garden wash station, a barn quilt. I can't help it and most of it is here for you if you're a project person too.

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