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  • Post a selfie with a thumbs up or heart hands and add a personal caption about why farmers are so important to you -- food, clothes, medicinal herbs, fuel, hosting dinners, drinking beer, etc. 


  • Post a picture of a farmer you know or one that you meet at your local farmers' market. 

  • Post a picture of a delicious meal you cooked or ate at your favorite restaurant. 


  • Don't forget to use the HASHTAG #forfarmers and to tag @xoxofarmgirl so she can reshare it

#forfarmers Post Ideas

Here is a sample caption you might want to use or edit to fit your personal style:

Less than 2% of the US population are farmers. Can you believe that? I just wanted to take a moment to thank our farmers for all that they do. Our food. Our clothes. Our land. I am #forfarmers and I hope you will join me b​y sharing a post about farmers and using the hashtag #forfarmers too! Let's let our farmers know that we care and that we are FOR them! For more info reach out to @xoxofarmgirl on ways to get involved and make a difference for our farmers!

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