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2020 Bee Booty

It was a good year in honey. Like everything else in life and in 2020, the bee yard had its ups and downs. But it did not have bears or other predators (like skunk or mice). It did not have Varroa mites (treatments worked). It did not have lazy beekeepers. It had one small wax moth problem toward the end of the season (super gross). It had some pesky yellowjackets... which we need to learn how to address. No, spraying pesticides is not an option (those hurt your bees too.) If you hear of anything, send the ideas my way.

Anyway, this is really about the beauty of the booty! This year's honey is a luscious golden color. It's the color that a Crayola crayon labeled "honey" would be. And, it's delicious. I like it best on a toasted English muffin with salted butter.

I am going to go out on a limb and say that this is the best year of packaging too. The labels are top quality from my friends at Sticker Mule, with an added bee this year. And each share contains two jars -- one glass 2-pounder in the shape of an old fashioned hive and a matching smaller BPA-free plastic one that enables you to squeeze your honey on to your English muffin or into your tea with ease. I am obsessed with this one and will be refilling it as needed from the bigger jar. If you donated to A Single Bite, you get a bonus dollop of honey in the limited edition "Resurrection Harvest" jar that features honey from a few 2019 hives that did not survive the winter. Thanks for helping the bees' local community with a tough spring and summer and fall... xo

DELIVERY -- Please RSVP on your preferred location/method!

Now is the time for honey delivery! This is the TO in Farm-TO-Table and it's the trickiest part in a lot of ways. If you'd like to help, let me know. If you'd like to pick up your honey at the farm, let me know. Otherwise, I will pick a spot in the Catskills for pick up and a place in NYC for pick up. Please let me know ASAP where you would like to find your share(s).

This is not the end... rather it's the beginning of so much! 2021 sign ups are starting (see next post) now and so is the bee prep for the winter. Stay tuned for updates on that. Time for the bees to get snuggly.


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