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2021 Sign Ups for Catskill Mountain Honey's Community Supported Bee (CSB) Honey Co-op!

Sign ups are open (HERE) for 2021!

It's a two-step process.

1) Sign up.

2) Pay.

The closer together these two actions are, the easier it is on the beekeeper, bookkeeper, packager and deliverer of the honey (that's me). 100% of the fees go to the bees: constant beekeeping (free if it's done by me, but sometimes I employ a support team), supplies, food and vitamins, sugar, mite treatments, harvesting, bottling, labeling, packaging, delivery.

The CSB is getting super popular. This year the membership will be capped, just like the honeycomb, in order not to dilute your share when more folks sign up. Sign up now so you don't end up waiting. Also, on or before December 31, a single share is $175. After December, the price per share goes up to $200. Some sign ups have already come in. That is goooood news.

If you would like to read more about what Catskill Mountain Honey is up to check out the website here. You can see how we did in 2020 and learn about some of the great pollinator protection activities CMH has been involved in to support our hives and others in the NY State environment!

One more note (a 2021 choice & a 2020 bonus): Since I mentioned honeycomb above I thought I would carry the thread through here. Do you like it? Do you want some? I have heard that you do. I am going to do a honeycomb harvesting experiment in 2021. It involves special frames in which the bees build comb without a foundation so that we can harvest the comb deliberately and most elegantly. If you want it, you can get some, but it will count as a part of your share (i.e., you will get less liquid honey). ALSO, I have a bunch of honeycomb now. If you want some and join 2021 soon, let me know that you'd like some and I will oblige. It's really nice with cheese on a pretty cheeseboard.

Ok, all you honeys! Get to it!

xoxo fg (your personal bee lady)

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