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A Vintage American Flag for the History Buffs from State Park Vintage at the Red Rose Motel

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Red Rose Motel & Tavern

State Park Vintage

21677 County Highway 17

Roscoe, NY



A great choice for history buffs or fans of Americana decor, State Park Vintage stocks a broad selection of historic American flags ($75 to $450) as well as vintage travel pennants ($5 to $50). Antique flags range from 1896-1952 and can be found throughout each of the guest rooms at The Red Rose Motel.

State Park is a small vintage and antiques shop located off of the main dining room at The Red Rose Motel. Curated by Melissa Kawecki, you'll find her small collection of antique American flags dating back to 1896, vintage Boy Scout camp t-shirts from the 1950s to present, vintage and military clothing, candles she hand pours, and a selection of 1950s shooting targets.

The tiny shop also features vintage Pendleton ($200 to $300), camp blankets ($85 to $170) and shooting targets ($23 to $38). It's easy to get lost and found in the amazing memorabilia here.

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XOXO Farm Girl

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