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Angelita's Mexican Kitchen

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

32 North Church Street

Goshen, NY

Exit 124 off NY-17 W

Since stepping foot inside Angelita's Mexican Kitchen, all I can think about is when I might be going back. I happened upon Angelita's on a recent trip to Goshen where the plan was to #getlostandfound in search of the site of a family painting. Well, mission accomplished, but missions make you hungry. Cue Angelita's.

The bright, clean restaurant shares a porch with the town barber. Once inside, a few brightly colored tables with matching curtains awaited. We were led into the kitchen and handed a menu where our order was translated to the cook. Tamales all the way. We got chicken ones with green sauce and pork ones with red sauce. While we ordered an elderly woman shucked poblanos at a nearby table. I really wanted to stick around to see what was to become of them.

Excited for our food, the smell of which had our tastebuds dancing, we browsed the crates full of mangos, aloe, dried peppers and Mexican pan dulce. Angelita's has a veritable grocery store of spices and vegetables for making your own Mexican feast. And while the crates are all adorned with Oxaca, the team within is from Puebla.

And, boy, do they know how to cook. The tamales -- the four we ate and the three we took to go were only $10.50 and yet the most delicious I have had in a long time -- hot, soft and full of flavor. I am rushing back for my next meal on my way to the Catskills. And, not for nothing, but Goshen has plenty to recommend itself besides this delicious gastronomic find (see Getting Lost and Found... in a Painting).

I get the feeling this is a place only locals know about, but I hope you will go and delight in their talents. Nothing would make me happier than for the nice ladies who work there to wonder why, all of a sudden, did they have a line out the door!

XOXO Farm Girl

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