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Bees Are Gifted

You've asked and asked and finally it's here! Now you can give the gift of bees! Ta-da!

Already, two newlywed couples have received a share in the CSB as part of their wedding gifts! One couple, both travel enthusiasts, were challenged to match the 55,000 miles bees fly to make one pound of honey in their own sweet travels. And, as anyone who's been married for a spell knows, it's nice to have a marriage full of mostly sweetness and very little sting! So, get gifting!

A share in the CSB is also great for anyone with seasonal allergies, for someone who loves honey on their toast or in their tea or drizzled over truffle cheese, for an inquisitive young person, for anyone who cares about the environment or loves to grow flowers in their garden, and for those of us who find bees fascinating or secretly want to be beekeepers (don't we all?).

If you want to give the gift of bees, just buzz!

XOXO Farm Girl

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