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DIY: Garden Veggie Wash Stand

I have been trying not to add any projects to my list, but apparently I have a problem. And since my barn quilt, I have not shared any DIY projects of note. So, in the spirit of not taking on any new projects, I broke the rules and took on just this little one.

A few years ago, I visited Little Saint Simon's Island off the coast of Georgia for a friend's birthday celebration. It was a great weekend off the grid, biking on the beach, collecting shells, reveling, toasting and roasting our host. The rustic lodge where we stayed has an adorable shell washing stand -- like a table with a mesh top on which to place the shells and to hose them off before bringing them indoors. I made a mental note of it with the idea of bringing it forward to my country garden at some point.

It's quite simple really (especially when your best buddy and neighbor has a saw and some skills to share). Just a few 2x4s bolted together with a mesh top. Then of course, I had to paint it a bit with my friend Wendy who visits me from North Carolina every year only to be Tom Sawyer'd into doing all kinds of farm work.

It sits on the edge of my garden, near my hoses, waiting for radishes, potatoes, carrots and beets to come out of the dirt. It's functional and cute. It even has a place to hang veggie collection baskets underneath. Now all we need is a harvest!

Feel free to take on this fun project for your own garden... cheesy garden slogans welcome!

xoxo Farm Girl

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