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Funny Names

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Maybe this is a little bit immature, but some hamlet names really tickle me. I have compiled a list of the ones that I absolutely love.

Brian is not a funny name, but it is a funny name for a dog. Olive and basket are not funny words, really, but they are surprising names for places. And then there’s Surprise. Am I right? Your challenge is to hit each one of these hamlets and find something there that you love. Report back. I love nothing more than a good excuse to take a little road trip.

Basket Home of hoops? Little Red Riding Hood?

Bittersweet This hamlet is now beneath the Rondout Reservoir. Bittersweet indeed.

Cairo & Athens Named for their Egyptian and Greek twins. Maybe we can get some direct flights going from Stewart Airport.

Chichester Either there’s a lot of eggs hatching, it’s an all-female town or it’s very fashionable. Not sure which.

Climax SMH. I can’t even.

Coxackie A hand, foot and mouth virus that every parent dreads. Maybe fun in this town will turn its reputation around.

Deposit Lots of banks? Very sandy?

Gallupville Maybe the Monticello Raceway should have come here instead.

Handsome Eddy This is not the first time Eddy’s been called out for his name. I hope he’s still keeping up appearances even after gaining such a reputation.

Krumville Good muffins here or just blah?

Loch Sheldrake No Loch Ness here. But Sullivan County Community College is a force to reckon with.

Medusa Scary. Are there more snakes here? Isn’t that what you think when you hear this?

Nobody So, where are you from? Nobody. Who’s on first?

Olive It’s just so cute. Maybe Popeye retired here too.

Squirrels Corner My dog would love it here. On his next birthday, July 18, we will make the trip.

Surprise Never a dull moment here.

Tabasco Hot spot indeed.

XOXO Farm Girl

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