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Factory Farms & Feminism

Last week, while trekking back and forth between the city and the Catskills, I tuned in automatically to NPR and landed on the NPR Ted Radio Hour. Cool. It was all about food. The food we eat. The food we used to eat. The future of food. Like bugs. Ugh. How much sugar is hidden in processed food. Gross. But not as gross as bugs.

I dug in a little deeper when I got out of the car. I do recommend the whole thing if you are in the mood (you can find it here), but mostly I was struck by Mark Bittman's piece. It was a segment that he did back in 2016 on called "How Has the American Diet Changed Over Time?" It's worth a listen (only 12 minutes long). The parts that struck me, you ask. The death of family farms. Women entering the workplace. The rise of factory farms. Wow. The connections are staggering.

Thanks Mark. Thanks NPR. Thinking farms. How do we get them back the way they should be? Mark had an idea or two. Let me know yours.

XOXO Farm Girl

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