Full Moon and Full On Scary

I don't like to be scared, but 'tis the season.

The full moon starts tonight (actually today at 12:45 pm). This one's a Hunter's Moon. Native Americans named it such because when the leaves fall from the trees and the deer are fat, it's time to stock up for winter. September has a Harvest Moon. June has a Strawberry Moon (my favorite). May has a Full Flower Moon (the bees knees). I like to check in with the Farmer's Almanac from time to time (nerdy, I know).

While a full moon is ominous, nothing is quite as scary as a good haunted house or hayride. For me, a corn maze is enough. But if you are into getting out of your comfort zone and literally want to have your pants scared off, take a field trip to Ulster County for the Headless Horseman Hayrides (778 Broadway in Ulster Park). It's really artful and creative, really creepy, good old fashioned Halloween fun! I am pretty sure you will not forget it. They have nine indoor and outdoor haunt experiences on 45 acres. Take some friends to scream with...

Happy Halloween!

XOXO Farm Girl