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Gettin' Hygge-y Wit It!

As I look out the window at the whiteout, I can't help wonder if I have any marshmallows in the cupboard. And where are those thick and cozy snowflake-patterned socks anyway? It is hard to believe that yesterday, I barely needed a coat and, yet, today, I am singing "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!" and thinking about sledding and, even better, the hot chocolate by the fire aprés sledding.

February is really the last time in the year I will feel this way. If weather like this comes in March (or God forbid, in April) I will be cross. But now it's so... so... so... what's the word for it? Hygge!!

What the heck is HYGGE? You have probably seen it. Amazon has literally over 1,200 books on the topic and Instagram sports nearly 2 million Hygge hashtags (#hygge). Hygge is a scandinavian concept, really claimed by the Danes, that is the very essence of a snuggly sensation. It's actually more than that. It's a way of being that is present and together and cozy. It is a perfect concept to contemplate today.

In Denmark, it rains 170 days of the year, so while Hygge is not necessarily snow-induced, it is, I think, inspired by weather and the hemming in and together of people that happens in weather like drizzle or rain or snow. To be honest, I don't think you need to read a book on it. If you buy one, I think the Danes will laugh all the way to the bank. Just give it a whirl.

So, grab a puzzle or a board game, something yummy and warm to eat and drink, invite your favorite pets and people, put on something comfortable to wear and hang out and be together. And then have a little fun as you practice saying it: hue-gah, hue-gah, hue-gah. 

Hue-gah, xoxo farmgirl

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