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Getting Out

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Adorable photo from @theoutsideinstitute

The Outside Institute


I am going to say it here. Just going to throw it down. If you are not getting out when you come to the Catskills, you are not getting it. You are missing out. Do I have your attention? Hundreds -- if not a couple thousand -- of books out there list hikes and trails, so you have encyclopedic options. Intimidated? I think you might be.

This is where Laura Silverman comes in. Laura (pictured) is the founder and chief naturalist at The Outside Institute. She takes getting out to another level. And it's an intimate one. Turn over a leaf. Try a mushroom. Smell some bark. Look more closely. It will change your life. It is a gift to be able to look more closely at the world around you, and the constant bombardment of news and media and noise means that we need a re-sensitization.

Laura and The Outside Institute offers a calendar of options: guided nature walks, cocktail nights (her recipes are transformative), and she can whip up something bespoke if that suits you better. I love her newsletters. Even if I can't get out, I can read them, close my eyes and am transported to nature's inner sanctum for just a moment.

An upcoming chapter of Farm Girl's Guide to Getting Lost & Found in the Catskills, Get Out!, will focus squarely on a just-for-you bucket list for getting out. But, IMHO, it's best to start with Laura to get your bearings and to figure out how to look anew at nature's endless wonders with the help of one of Mother Nature's direct descendants.

XOXO Farm Girl

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