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Give the Gift of Honey & Honeybee Support

Everybody loves honey. For tea. For toast. On granola. For a facial. To combat allergies. For a sore throat. And what better way to appreciate honey than by gifting a share in a small honeybee colony that builds and shares best practices to help honeybees survive?

One share is $200 and comes with a weekly update on how the bees are doing (like this), special events and a share of the harvest each fall.

It's like a CSA share in a farm where you get veggies, except with the Bee-SA you get happy honeybees, healthy hives and a dose of local Catskill Mountain Honey! Email here for a gift share.

If you mention Farm Girl sent you, you can have a share for $175 or $150 each for two shares! Now, that's something to buzz about! ;)

XOXO Farm Girl

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