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High Voltage Cafe & Bar

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

47 Main Street

Mountain Dale, NY

(845) 693-4115


Start your day with some serious wake-me-up, work on your book, your cabin design or your blog and finish the day with a cold brew or rewarding cocktail. It's delicious enough to sustain you and beautiful enough to make you want to move in for good. What's more is that it's a bit of a town hub. Use High Voltage as your HQ in Mountain Dale. Get lost and found here, checking out the kitschy shops and art galleries. It's a town with a story, storytellers and a patron who is busting his hump to revitalize the hamlet. Give him a hand!

XOXO Farm Girl

Check out more on Mountain Dale in The Inside Scoop here. And maybe even a little more about Main Street revitalization here.

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