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Hive 8 Doubles Up

No burying the lead hear, Beeople. Hive #8 just got a second super. That means its first super is full, full, full and the bees need more real estate. Eleven of the 13 hives in the Bee-SA yard have supers too, but are not quite ready for a second honey box yet. They are, in fact, all at different levels of filling the first one.

Thirteen lucky beehives in the Bee-SA. Photo courtesy of Sean Dell.

We had three long weeks of rain, which is sub optimal for bee foraging. This slowed the hives down. But the weather is better now and the goldenrod and knotweed are out in force, providing plenty of ingredients for the bees to make more honey.

We will likely harvest the honey later in the season this year than last (we did it on Columbus Day weekend). You can expect our big date to fall in late October or early November, but I will give you fair warning.

Until then, fingers crossed and all bee blessings sent in their direction please (ok, Dora?).

xoxo Farm Girl

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