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A 101 from Farm Girl on How to Use The Guide

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Hi, Farm Girl here. Your one and only source into the best of the Catskills! (Yes, this is a "cultural" reference to Gossip Girl ...)

Just in case you need to know which way is up, here's your 101. When it's all said and done, this guide will have a dozen chapters (oh, the suspense). What you will find now are the first four: Get Lost, On Your Way, The Inside Scoop and So Much Sullivan. Each one will continue to grow as new hotspots open up.

Here's a quick summary of each chapter:

Get Lost

It's a philosophical manifesto. I mean, getting lost is wonderful. You forget your troubles, your phone, the time and just steep yourself in a delicious meal, in the light from the campfire, in the rhythm of a hike, in a cool river, in a cute little shop. Getting lost helps you find yourself. In nature. With friends. Let's get lost.

On Your Way

If you're preparing to get lost, you need to know which way to go. On Your Way points you in the right direction and gives you travel tips and a little Catskills orientation. Even if you've been going to the Catskills forever, I am sure you will learn something fun here.

The Inside Scoop

When you visit a new place or even a place you know, it's nice to dive a little deeper into what makes it tick. This chapter gives you some perspective, introduces you to some heroes, and helps you understand the heartbeat of the Catskills. Check back often for new additions.

So Much Sullivan

Welcome to the Sullivan Catskills! One county with some seriously divine treasures. Sullivan has 15 towns and each of them has some delightful hamlets. Farm Girl's Guide gives you something to love in each corner. Places to eat, beer to sample, amazing inns, and plenty to do. Start here. It's your warm-up for the rest of the region.

Ulster, Delaware and Greene county chapters are well underway and will be released soon. Because I love you, I have offered about 10 ideas in Ulster and Delaware counties for now. More soon. Also, every post in each chapter is also organized into categories for quick access to what you need. This includes Where to Eat & Drink, Where to Stay, Where to Shop, and Stuff to Do. So feel free to explore these from the menu in any way you choose. Finally, each post has a series of #hashtags to help you find them more easily. Please give the search bar a try. Mostly, have fun getting lost in all the options. #rabbithole

Of course, suggestions are always welcome. And if you go somewhere really fantastic, let me know, and I will include it for others to enjoy. When I find a spot I love in a new place, I like to say #gettinglostandfound (sometimes using air bunnies) and I invite you to do the same. If you go somewhere from Farm Girl's Guide, please tag your photos with #farmgirlsguide or #gettinglostandfound. No air bunnies required.

You know you love me,

xoxo Farm Girl

(Yes, another GG reference ... Are you with me?)

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