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Hudson & Charles

524 Hudson Street & 555 Amsterdam Avenue

New York, NY

(212) 799-1269 & (212) 675-7075


It's tough to transition from the abundance of fresh-from-the-farm food upstate to city options. I haven't eaten an egg that my hens haven't laid since 2010. And being upstate makes you hyper conscious of how important it is to eat meat raised well and processed responsibly.

While Hudson & Charles' meats come mainly from Pennsylvania farms, its whole animal philosophy and knowledge of the animal meat it provides is comforting and results in delicious meals. They also make a mean sandwich and powerful bone broth. Again, whole animal butchers leave nothing to waste.

H & C's original location on Hudson Street now has a cafe and the uptown location on Amsterdam spreads the love around town. Stop in. Make good food. Feel connected to the earth and the animals you eat.

XOXO Farm Girl

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