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Important Bees-ness

If I had a penny for every time someone asked me what they could do to help the bees... well, I would have a lot of pennies. And I usually have some pretty good ideas about what to do (some of them are here). But today, I have a very important TO DO for you that will really help the bees, especially in New York State.

Quickly, last year at the end of NY State's Legislative session, Assembly Member and Chair of the Environmental Committee, Steven Englebright, introduced the Birds and the Bees Protection Act. Time ran out in the session and they did not vote on it. I have it on excellent authority that, with a little help from our friends, the NY State Legislature might re-introduce the Act. Briefly, the Act proposes a state wide ban on neonics (a pesticide that confuses bees, makes them unable to find their hives and die) so they can launch a 5-year study on the effects.

I am going to let the video and subsequent petition do the talking.

Please sign the petition. Please send me a note and tag me (@xoxofarmgirl on instagram) when you share it with your friends. It's easy to do. It has a high probability of working.

Thank you!

XOXO Farm Girl

PS Thanks to Sean Dell for the drone footage from Catskill Mountain Honey's CSB! XO

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