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Radio: The Ultimate Companion

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Public radio keeps me company. Sometimes I think I’d like to invite Joshua Johnson, the host of 1A, to dinner. I would bring together a small group of friends, cook something really delicious, serve the perfect wine and we’d all chat. Joshua, if you’re out there, just let me know when you can make it. I’ll do the rest.

Podcasts have my attention too. Some are too long. Some not long enough. I tried Malcolm Gladwell’s, but I think I prefer to read him. I loved Serial and S-Town, both epic multi-part productions. I became anti social, sneaking off to listen to just a little bit more. And then I was sad when they were over, thinking maybe I should have taken more time, that I should have been more disciplined in my listening.

Now, I am hooked on Preet Bharara’s Podcast: Stay Tuned with Preet. He interviews a lot of interesting women (probably men too, but the women are awesome) and always has a relaxed conversation about important topics. Full of insights and a spark of candor. Yes.

I’m always looking for more good ones. What podcasts are are you listening to?

XOXO Farm Girl

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