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The Bee Movie.

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Catskill Mountain Honey is my bee farm. Actually, Catskill Mountain Honey lives here on my land. Twelve hives. 100,000 or so bees per hive. You do the math. And it's not really MY bee farm. I am just its steward. It belongs to a community of folks who care about bees and the environment, love honey and understand how critical bees are to the world's food supply. The community is open to anyone who wants to join and all community members get a share in the honey at harvest time.

Catskill Mountain Honey supports the bees, harvests the honey responsibly and advocates on behalf of bees wherever possible. This spring, I got involved in lobbying the legislature in Albany to ban the prolific neonicotinoid pesticides that threaten bees. Europe has banned them and it's time to get with the program stateside as well. I have shared information about this before, so here I will be brief. We did not get it done. But we did get it further than last year and are hopeful that New York State will lead the nation in banning them next year. Stay tuned when the new legislative session opens in the fall for how you can help ( has all the information you need and what you can do to make a difference).

Catskill Mountain Honey also shares what's happening with bees, tries to motivate more folks to care more deeply and to activate on the bees' behalf. Just recently, Catskill Mountainkeeper (a local non-profit that advocates for a clean environment in the Catskills corridor) turned up their own activity relating to bees and other pollinators. This is exciting! They were active in Albany on the pollinator front and successful in getting the nation's most ambitious climate change legislation passed (👏🏽). And now... (I am getting to the point, finally) they are producing a short film on pollinators. Yes, what I call The Bee Movie!

Catskill Mountainkeeper will unveil this film at an ecosalon luncheon in Woodstock (to which you can buy tickets here) and it features me and Catskill Mountain Honey's Community Supported Bees (CSB) program. Here is a trailer to get you excited!

Save the bees! Join the CSB!

XOXO Farm Girl

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