The Farmhouse Project

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Photo by The Farmhouse Project

Woodman Cottage, Hortonville, NY


Shawn and Kris ditched the big city to move upstate, renovate an 1800s farmhouse and reinvent their lives. The story of their renovation plays out on their Instagram and blog along with some amazing recipes and cocktails (which you'll need if you are renovating anything!). Their DIY projects range from table settings to more complicated pursuits, but all exceedingly entertaining and enviable.

On Labor Day weekend, The Farmhouse Project pulled together a stunning Makers Market in an old Callicoon barn, bringing together purveyors and makers from all over. I bought some napkins they made and some pottery from Brian Cronk that I use all the time. I hope they make an annual thing of it.

If you've always dreamed of renovating, but never will ... or, if you've always wanted to give up the city buzz but won't ... check in with Shawn and Kris for a fix. Oh, and they make cool things besides my napkins ... all available on their site.

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