The Filling Station

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

243 Route 9 West, Palisades, NY

(845) 359-9000


A roadside burger joint with organic beef, delectable fries and a good selection of brewskis. If you’re hungry on the road, stop in to fill ’er up. Frequented by bikers — both kinds — and anyone with an enviable convertible. A veritable car (and hog) show awaits.

This is one of those “worth it” burgers. Never too big. Hot off the grill. Just right fries. And even the ambiance adds to the flavor. Friends bike here in the morning, grab a burger, a dog, some fries and suds and head back to the city. Uff! I prefer riding in a car after consuming such fare, but to each his own.

xoxo Farm Girl

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