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The Town of Callicoon, NY

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Several adorable hamlets make this one of my favorite towns in Sullivan County. From a one-block hamlet (no blinking!) to a few with hopeful Main Streets, Callicoon has a lot of promise. Always a good meal and a place to snuggle up.

Of note: Do your level best not to confuse the one-block hamlet of Callicoon Center (here in Callicoon) with its bigger namesake (also Callicoon but in the Town of Delaware). It IS confusing! But don’t miss out on this place either, especially on Wednesday nights in the summer.

The town of Callicoon includes three hamlets (Callicoon Center, North Branch and Youngsville) and one village (Jeffersonville).

Where do we go from here?

From Callicoon, head to these other towns and their hamlets. Easy direct driving routes. Ask your GPS or get out your map.

These towns are all within shooting distance from Callicoon and worth checking out before you go too far afield.

XOXO Farm Girl

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