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The Town of Delaware, NY

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Most of all the hoopla in this town centers on the hamlet of Callicoon. It’s drawn me here time and again for its shops, its food, its railroad-tracks-through-the-middle-of-town charm. You could get lost here all day.

Other hamlets include: Falls Mills, Hortonville, Kenoza Lake, Kohlertown, Swiss Hill, Lower Beechwood, Upper Beechwood. Get found getting lost in some of these. Report back when you find a treasure.

Of note: In the hamlet of Callicoon

Here is where you might start to pay closer attention to the organization of Catskill towns and hamlets … or at least I did. On my fifth trip to Callicoon, I wondered why I had landed, once again, in Callicoon Center and still had 9.4 miles to get to my intended destination. Callicoon Center is a hamlet in the town of Callicoon. It’s most famous for the Callicoon Center Band in the summertime. The hamlet of Callicoon is, alternatively, in the town of Delaware. Who's on first?!

This clarification is my gift to you!

Where do we go from here?

From Delaware, head to these other towns and their hamlets. Easy direct driving routes. Ask your GPS or get out your map.

Hopefully these suggestions will keep you from zigging or zagging too far. You're welcome! ;)

XOXO Farm Girl

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