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The Town of Liberty, NY

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Liberty has two personalities: one industrial and utilitarian with big stores and fast food, and another Main Street with antiques and little stores and eateries. It’s worth getting lost in and between both.

The town of Liberty includes a village by the same name and seven smaller hamlets including Cooley, Ferndale, Grossinger, Loomis, Parksville, Swan Lake and White Sulphur Springs.

From Liberty, probably the most central town in Sullivan County, you can take off to any of these other towns and their hamlets. Easy direct driving routes. Ask your GPS or get out your map.

I come here all the time to pick up Ag supplies or something for my garden and get lost finding something else ... a delicious taco, a farmer's market, a car part, a funny bumper sticker. Have fun getting lost here too.

XOXO Farm Girl

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