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Working the Phones

I am going to keep this short so I don't lose you. Just stay with me for a minute. Ok?

On May 2, we issued a petition. Nearly 600 signatures and five days later, the petition succeeded in pressuring New York State legislators to re-introduce the Birds and the Bees Protection Act, a bill designed to ban neonics (pesticides that are bad for bees). Another week later and the bill was officially assigned a number in the Assembly and the Senate with a colony of co-sponsors.

This is great news! First of all, last year it was introduced but died without co-sponsors of this magnitude and without a parallel bill in the Senate.

By working with some experienced partners, I knew we had a chance. New voices speaking up can, apparently, be influential. Sometimes political issues seem hopeless. This process has given me hope.

Even before I felt any hope for this at all, I took a look at the landscape and thought I could bear the push (and you might even tolerate me) for the six week window we have before the session ends.

Now, a few weeks in, and I am certain we can make a difference. ESPECIALLY if YOU help. I am not just saying that. I really think that if you lend your voice -- even for two phone calls -- you can help move the needle. It's easy and fun, actually. I like to call legislative offices and talk to them about the Birds and the Bees. Haha.

The Catskill Mountain Honey website is up to date and has LITERALLY everything you need to do your part. Who to call, what to say, what to write if you want to email, and more info on the bill and how it can help pollinators. Take a look and help keep the buzz going!

XOXO Farm Girl

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