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Nope. It's not a magic trick.

Farmers have always been invisible.

Have you seen a farmer lately? Besides at the Farmers Market where they are juggling the cash box and all the "Do you use pesticides?" questions?


Do you think about them when you're getting your kids a snack? At a cocktail party? Doing dishes?

Now they're going extinct.


Farmers & ranchers make up less than 2% of the employed US population.


In 1840 that number was 70%.


Endangered species status.

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See them. Listen to their stories.

You can help.

Talk Farm to Me is one of the ONLY places to hear what farmers are thinking.


To understand what farmers do. And how the heck they keep going 24/7... 365... even when we've forgotten they exist.

You can be for them.

Having you on their side matters.

In For Farmers, we dissect misinformation and clarify facts. We recognize farmers' contributions in podcasts, on social media and with mini-grants. Check out our vision, mission and six ways we work to support farmers.

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I believe farms & farmers are crucial.

I want to build a world where farmers are recognized, supported and understood.

I know you care too. About your food. About the environment. About the health of your family. And the vibrancy of our communities. I want to work with YOU to build a world where farmers are a celebrated part of making what we value a reality. 

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I believe everybody should know where their food comes from and everyone should have a relationship with their local farmers. 


I believe that farmers are really important, that they are under-appreciated and that there are a lot of myths about farming that we need to dispel. 



I'm so grateful for a way to acknowledge farmers' hard work and to build a community to support their fundamental contribution to humankind.



As a farmer and a scientist, I joined For Farmers to listen and to contribute to the discussion surrounding food and agriculture.



I believe that we can all thrive when we build excellence in agriculture, livestock infrastructure, food production, community vibrancy & food security. 

A word from a few For Farmers Founders on why they joined.

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